The Rice Historical Review is a research journal designed to showcase outstanding scholarly works produced by Rice University's undergraduate students.

Table of Contents

In order of appearance.

—Front Matter (PDF | 929.1 kB )

—Contested Symbols: Vichy France and the Legacy of the French Revolution
by Emma Satterfield (PDF | 1.090 Mb )

—Remembering Rice: How Should the University Acknowledge and Represent its Founder’s Past?
by Andrew Maust (PDF | 1.473 Mb )

—Jahangir, Collector: Seizing the World
by Clair Hopper (PDF | 1.578 Mb )

—Through the Looking Glass: Themes in Narratives by Arabs, Americans, and Europeans from 1890 to 1960
by Meredith Aucock (PDF | 3.905 Mb )

—Hysteria: Medicine as a Vehicle for Gendered Social Control
by Ginger Hooper (PDF | 2.198 Mb )

—Back Matter (PDF | 1.139 Mb )

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