TIMEA's research collection contains papers, presentations, usability protocols, and reports related to work on the Travelers in the Middle East Archive. The research focuses on creating cultural heritage GIS (Geographic Information Systems) maps, using DSpace as a repository for digitized materials, and building a web portal that integrates texts, images, educational modules, and maps.

Recent Submissions

  • Digital History in the Classroom 

    Spiro, Lisa (2007-12-18)
    In June, 2007, Lisa Spiro gave a workshop on digital history for world history instructors participating in the AP Summer Institute. The presentation discusses the following topics: Frameworks for Teaching (Digital) History; Finding and Evaluating Information; Seeing History: Visual Culture in the Classroom; Viewing History as It Unfolds: Video; ...
  • The Travelers in the Middle East Archive (TIMEA) & Geography 

    Spiro, Lisa (2007-06-29)
    How can GIS help scholars to understand the history of travel? How can GIS tools work in tandem with digitized archival materials? The Travelers in the Middle East Archive (TIMEA) is addressing such questions by building a digital archive of resources relating to Westerners’ travel to Egypt and other parts of the Middle East in the nineteenth and ...
  • TIMEA User Testing Protocol 

    Yang, Minmin; Wise, Marie; Spiro, Lisa (2007-05-01)
    The TIMEA team used this script to administer usability tests on an earlier version of the TIMEA web site in April 2006. The user testing protocol was designed in a collaboration among a usability expert and TIMEA project leaders. The user tests were administered after receiving Institutional Review Board (IRB) clearance.
  • TIMEA User Testing Report 

    Yang, Minmin (2007-05-01)
    Minmin Yang, a PhD student in Psychology at Rice University whose research focuses on usability and user testing, describes the results of user testing conducted for the TIMEA project in April 2006 on an initial version of the TIMEA user interface. The paper includes details on the process used to perform the test and the results of the testing.
  • Using DSpace for Digitized Collections 

    Henry, Geneva; Byrd, Sidney; Wise, Marie; Spiro, Lisa (2007-02-06)
    As organizations adopt institutional repositories (IR) to store and make accessible scholarly materials, they are finding new and expanded uses for these powerful tools. Institutional repositories can archive not only “born-digital” assets such as pre-prints and dissertations, but also digitized materials such as books, photographs, and recordings. ...
  • The Travelers in the Middle East Archive (TIMEA) Project: Researching and Exploring the Middle East Through Online Maps 

    Diaz, German; Garza, Eva (2006-11-27)
    Describes the approach to Geographical Information Systems (GIS) taken by the Travlers in the Middle East Archive (TIMEA).
  • Enabling Exploration: Travelers in the Middle East Archive 

    Spiro, Lisa; Wise, Marie; Henry, Geneva; Bearden, Chuck; Garza, Eva; (2006-11-27)
    Describes the Travelers in the Middle East Archive, particularly the challenges faced in integrating DSpace, Connexions, and the ArcIMS GIS platform.
  • Travelers in the Middle East Archive (TIMEA): Integrating Texts and Images in DSpace with GIS and Teaching Resources 

    Spiro, Lisa; Wise, Marie (2006-10-30)
    Abstract and poster on Travelers in the Middle East Archive (TIMEA), which was presented at Digital Humanities 2006.