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    • Adaptive Wavelet Transforms for Image Coding 

      Claypoole, Roger L.; Davis, Geoffrey; Sweldens, Wim; Baraniuk, Richard G. (1997-11-01)
      We introduce a new adaptive transform for wavelet-based image coding. The lifting framework for wavelet construction motivates our analysis and provides new insight into the problem. Since the adaptive transform is non-linear, ...
    • Edge Characteristics in Wavelet-Based Image Coding 

      Wakin, Michael (2001-04-20)
      Accurate prediction of wavelet coefficients relies on an understanding of the phase effects of edge alignment. This research examines techniques for uncovering edge information based on the available coefficients. These ...
    • Theory of Regular M-band Wavelet Bases 

      Steffen, P.; Heller, Peter Niels; Gopinath, Ramesh A.; Burrus, C. Sidney (1993-12-20)
      This paper constructs K-regular M-band orthonormal wavelet bases. K-regularity of the wavelet basis is known to be useful in numerical analysis applications and in image coding using wavelet techniques. Several characterizations ...