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    • Data Compression in Base Transceiver Systems 

      Vosoughi, Aida; Cavallaro, Joseph R.; Wu, Michael (2012-10)
    • Distorted Channel Capacity: A Geometrical Approach 

      Das, Suman; Cavallaro, Joseph R.; Erkip, Elza; Aazhang, Behnaam (2000-06-20)
      Shannon's capacity result has often been used as a benchmark to compare the performance of practical codes. Shannon's theorem helps us to calculate the maximum rate at which data can be transferred without making any errors. ...
    • DSP architectural considerations for optimal baseband processing 

      Rajagopal, Sridhar; Rixner, Scott; Cavallaro, Joseph R.; Aazhang, Behnaam (2002-08-20)
      The data rate requirements for future wireless systems has increased by orders-of-magnitude (from Kbps to several Mbps), requiring more sophisticated algorithms for their implementation. This tutorial will explore different ...
    • Maximum Weight Basis Decoding of Convolutional Codes 

      Das, Suman; Erkip, Elza; Cavallaro, Joseph R.; Aazhang, Behnaam (2000-06-20)
      The effectiveness of the convolutional code increases with the constraint length of the code. Unfortunately the decoding complexity of Viterbi algorithm grows exponentially with the constraint length. In this paper we ...
    • Measuring Competence in Metered Dose Inhaler Use Using Capmedic Electronic Inhaler MonitoringᅠTool 

      Biswas, Rajoshi; Patel, Gaurav; Mohsin, Ali; Hanania, Nicola A.; Sabharwal, Ashutosh (2016)
      It is estimated that up to 70-90% of asthma and COPD patients use their Metered Dose Inhalers (MDIs) incorrectly. However, clinicians often fail to detect patients’ incorrect MDI technique by observation alone. In this ...
    • TAP Channel Measurement: Fundamentals, Goals, and Plans 

      Steger, Christopher (2004-05-01)
      Before we can realize the potential of the TAP (Transit Access Point) project, we must first understand the channel in which we will operate. Specifically, very little information exists on the characteristics of elevated ...
    • Wireless @ Wired Speeds 

      Steger, Christopher; Chakrabarti, Arnab (2004-12-01)
      This is a poster from the first 100x100 project meeting. It outlines some basic concepts in MIMO algorithm and system design at a relatively high, accessible level.