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    • Frequency Domain Synthesis of Multivariable Linear Regulators 

      Cheng, Lin-Fu; Pearson, J.B. (1977-04-20)
      This paper considers a general class of multivariable linear regulators and determines conditions under which there exist proper controllers such that output regulation is achieved with internal stability.
    • Robust Solution of the Linear Servomechanism Problem 

      Staats, P.W.; Pearson, J.B. (1974-09-01)
      This paper furnishes a complete solution to the problem of designing robust controllers for linear servomechanisms. The results complete the work begun in [1] in that arbirary exogenous signals are included in the problem ...
    • Stabilization and Regulation in Linear Multivariable Systems 

      Antsaklis, P.J.; Pearson, J.B. (1978-01-20)
      This report presents a generalization of some recent results of Cheng and Pearson[1]. It is shown that the conditions obtained under certain assumptions in [1] are valid under more general assumptions. We therefore obtain ...
    • Structural Controllability of Multi-Input Linear Systems 

      Shields, R.W.; Pearson, J.B. (1975-05-20)
      This paper extends the results of Lin on structural controllability of single-input linear systems to multi-input linear systems. An interesting by-product of this extension is an applicaiton of "generic analysis" to the ...
    • Synthesis of Linear Multivariable Regulators 

      Cheng, Lin-Fu; Pearson, J.B. (1980-02-01)
      This paper generalizes the results obtained by the authors in [1] and presents new results on the construction of proper controllers for linear multivariable regulators. These results appear to lead to efficient computational ...