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    • 3-D Local Radon Power Spectra for Seismic Attribute Extraction 

      Steeghs, Philippe; Fokkema, Jacob T; Diephuis, Gerhard (1998-01-15)
      In this paper we discuss a method for volume attribute extraction that is based on a new type of local Radon power spectrum. The new algorithm results in robust and geologically meaningful volume attributes, such as ...
    • Decomposition of seismic signals via time-frequency representations 

      Tobback, Tom; Steeghs, Philippe; Drijkoningen, Guy G; Fokkema, Jacob T (1996-01-15)
      In this paper we discuss the use of a time-frequency representation, the Wigner distribution, for the decomposition and characterization of seismic signals. The advantage of the Wigner distribution over other representations, ...