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    • Coding Theoretic Approach to Image Segmentation 

      Ndili, Unoma; Nowak, Robert David; Figueiredo, Mario (2001-10-20)
      In this paper, using a coding theoretic approach, we implement Rissanen's concept of minimum description length (MDL) for segmenting an image into piecewise homogeneous regions. Our image model is a Gaussian random field ...
    • Image Restoration Using the EM Algorithm and Wavelet-Based Complexity Regularization 

      Figueiredo, Mario; Nowak, Robert David (2002-05-20)
      This paper introduces an <i>expectation-maximization</i> (EM) algorithm for image restoration (deconvolution) based on a penalized likelihood formulated in the wavelet domain. Regularization is achieved by promoting a ...