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    • Visual Motion Coherence Responses in Human Visual Cortex 

      Rina, Andriani; Papanikolaou, Amalia; Zong, Xiaopeng; Papageorgiou, Dorina T.; Keliris, Georgios A.; (2022)
      Random dot kinematograms (RDKs) have recently been used to train subjects with cortical scotomas to perform direction of motion discrimination, partially restoring visual motion perception. To study the recovery of visual perception, it is important to understand how visual areas in normal subjects and subjects with cortical scotomas respond to RDK ...
    • Near-Infrared Dual-Gas Sensor System for Methane and Ethane Detection Using a Compact Multipass Cell 

      Xi, Zhenhai; Zheng, Kaiyuan; Zheng, Chuantao; Zhang, Haipeng; Song, Fang; (2022)
      In this invited paper, a compact dense-pattern multipass cell-based near-infrared sensor system was demonstrated for detection of parts-per-billion in volume (ppbv)-level methane (CH4) and ethane (C2H6). The dimension size of the fabricated gas cell is 18.5 × 8 × 9 cm3 with an absorption path length of 9.39 m. CH4 measurement was realized within a ...
    • Evaluation of Aerosol Particle Leak and Standard Surgical Mask Fit With 3 Elastomeric Harness Designs 

      Ingabire, Jeannette; McKenney, Hannah; Sebesta, Charles; Badhiwala, Krishna; Kemere, Caleb; (2022)
    • Food Habits: Insights from Food Diaries via Computational Recurrence Measures 

      Pai, Amruta; Sabharwal, Ashutosh; Scalable Health Labs (2022)
      Humans are creatures of habit, and hence one would expect habitual components in our diet. However, there is scant research characterizing habitual behavior in food consumption quantitatively. Longitudinal food diaries contributed by app users are a promising resource to study habitual behavior in food selection. We developed computational measures ...
    • RT-RCG: Neural Network and Accelerator Search Towards Effective and Real-time ECG Reconstruction from Intracardiac Electrograms 

      Zhang, Yongan; Banta, Anton; Fu, Yonggan; John, Mathews M.; Post, Allison; (2022)
      There exists a gap in terms of the signals provided by pacemakers (i.e., intracardiac electrogram (EGM)) and the signals doctors use (i.e., 12-lead electrocardiogram (ECG)) to diagnose abnormal rhythms. Therefore, the former, even if remotely transmitted, are not sufficient for doctors to provide a precise diagnosis, let alone make a timely intervention. ...
    • On-the-fly compressive single-pixel foveation using the STOne transform 

      Giljum, Anthony T.; Giljum, Anthony T.; Kelly, Kevin F. (2022)
      Compressive imaging allows one to sample an image below the Nyquist rate yet still accurately recover it from the measurements by solving an L1 optimization problem. The L1 solvers, however, are iterative and can require significant time to reconstruct the original signal. Intuitively, the reconstruction time can be reduced by reconstructing fewer ...
    • Magnonic superradiant phase transition 

      Bamba, Motoaki; Li, Xinwei; Marquez Peraca, Nicolas; Kono, Junichiro (2022)
      In the superradiant phase transition (SRPT), coherent light and matter fields are expected to appear spontaneously in a coupled light–matter system in thermal equilibrium. However, such an equilibrium SRPT is forbidden in the case of charge-based light–matter coupling, known as no-go theorems. Here, we show that the low-temperature phase transition ...
    • Deep-3D microscope: 3D volumetric microscopy of thick scattering samples using a wide-field microscope and machine learning 

      Li, Bowen; Tan, Shiyu; Dong, Jiuyang; Lian, Xiaocong; Zhang, Yongbing; (2022)
      Confocal microscopy is a standard approach for obtaining volumetric images of a sample with high axial and lateral resolution, especially when dealing with scattering samples. Unfortunately, a confocal microscope is quite expensive compared to traditional microscopes. In addition, the point scanning in confocal microscopy leads to slow imaging speed ...
    • Hall effect in gated single-wall carbon nanotube films 

      Yomogida, Yohei; Horiuchi, Kanako; Okada, Ryotaro; Kawai, Hideki; Ichinose, Yota; (2022)
      The presence of hopping carriers and grain boundaries can sometimes lead to anomalous carrier types and density overestimation in Hall-effect measurements. Previous Hall-effect studies on carbon nanotube films reported unreasonably large carrier densities without independent assessments of the carrier types and densities. Here, we have systematically ...
    • Compressive Hyperspectral Microscopy of Scattering and Fluorescence of Nanoparticles 

      Xu, Yibo; Lu, Liyang; Giljum, Anthony; Payne, Courtney M.; Hafner, Jason H.; (2022)
      Hyperspectral imaging in optical microscopy is of importance in the study of various submicron physical and chemical phenomena. However, its practical application is still challenging because the additional spectral dimension increases the number of sampling points to be independently measured compared to two-dimensional (2D) imaging. Here, we present ...
    • Compact QEPAS humidity sensor in SF6 buffer gas for high-voltage gas power systems 

      Yin, Xukun; Dong, Lei; Wu, Hongpeng; Gao, Miao; Zhang, Le; (2022)
      In SF6 insulated high-voltage gas power systems, H2O is the most problematic impurity which not only decreases insulation performance but also creates an acidic atmosphere that promotes corrosion. Corrosion damages electrical equipment and leads to leaks, which pose serious safety hazards to people and the environment. A QEPAS-based sensor system for ...
    • Predicting Psychotic Relapse in Schizophrenia With Mobile Sensor Data: Routine Cluster Analysis 

      Zhou, Joanne; Lamichhane, Bishal; Ben-Zeev, Dror; Campbell, Andrew; Sano, Akane (2022)
      Background: Behavioral representations obtained from mobile sensing data can be helpful for the prediction of an oncoming psychotic relapse in patients with schizophrenia and the delivery of timely interventions to mitigate such relapse. Objective: In this study, we aim to develop clustering models to obtain behavioral representations from continuous ...
    • A CRISPR toolbox for generating intersectional genetic mouse models for functional, molecular, and anatomical circuit mapping 

      Lusk, Savannah J.; McKinney, Andrew; Hunt, Patrick J.; Fahey, Paul G.; Patel, Jay; (2022)
      The functional understanding of genetic interaction networks and cellular mechanisms governing health and disease requires the dissection, and multifaceted study, of discrete cell subtypes in developing and adult animal models. Recombinase-driven expression of transgenic effector alleles represents a significant and powerful approach to delineate ...
    • Influence of sensory modality and control dynamics on human path integration 

      Stavropoulos, Akis; Lakshminarasimhan, Kaushik J; Laurens, Jean; Pitkow, Xaq; Angelaki, Dora (2022)
      Path integration is a sensorimotor computation that can be used to infer latent dynamical states by integrating self-motion cues. We studied the influence of sensory observation (visual/vestibular) and latent control dynamics (velocity/acceleration) on human path integration using a novel motion-cueing algorithm. Sensory modality and control dynamics ...
    • Derivation and performance of an end-of-life practice score aimed at interpreting worldwide treatment-limiting decisions in the critically ill 

      Mentzelopoulos, Spyros D.; Chen, Su; Nates, Joseph L.; Kruser, Jacqueline M.; Hartog, Christiane; (2022)
      Limitations of life-sustaining interventions in intensive care units (ICUs) exhibit substantial changes over time, and large, contemporary variation across world regions. We sought to determine whether a weighted end-of-life practice score can explain a large, contemporary, worldwide variation in limitation decisions.
    • An Objective System for Quantitative Assessment of Television Viewing Among Children (Family Level Assessment of Screen Use in the Home-Television): System Development Study 

      Vadathya, Anil Kumar; Musaad, Salma; Beltran, Alicia; Perez, Oriana; Meister, Leo; (2022)
      Background: Television viewing among children is associated with developmental and health outcomes, yet measurement techniques for television viewing are prone to errors, biases, or both. Objective: This study aims to develop a system to objectively and passively measure children’s television viewing time. Methods: The Family Level Assessment of ...
    • Epileptic seizure prediction using spectral width of the covariance matrix 

      EPMoghaddam, Dorsa; Sheth, Sameer A.; Haneef, Zulfi; Gavvala, Jay; Aazhang, Behnaam (2022)
      Objective. Epilepsy is a common neurological disorder in which patients suffer from sudden and unpredictable seizures. Seizures are caused by excessive and abnormal neuronal activity. Different methods have been employed to investigate electroencephalogram (EEG) data in patients with epilepsy. This paper introduces a simple yet accurate array-based ...
    • Non-Hermitian metasurface with non-trivial topology 

      Yang, Frank; Prasad, Ciril S.; Li, Weijian; Lach, Rosemary; Everitt, Henry O.; (2022)
      The synergy between topology and non-Hermiticity in photonics holds immense potential for next-generation optical devices that are robust against defects. However, most demonstrations of non-Hermitian and topological photonics have been limited to super-wavelength scales due to increased radiative losses at the deep-subwavelength scale. By carefully ...
    • Conditions for Synaptic Specificity during the Maintenance Phase of Synaptic Plasticity 

      Huertas, Marco A.; Newton, Adam J. H.; McDougal, Robert A.; Sacktor, Todd Charlton; Shouval, Harel Z. (2022)
      Activity-dependent modifications of synaptic efficacies are a cellular substrate of learning and memory. Experimental evidence shows that these modifications are synapse specific and that the long-lasting effects are associated with the sustained increase in concentration of specific proteins like PKMζ. However, such proteins are likely to diffuse ...
    • Hot carrier spatio-temporal inhomogeneities in ultrafast nanophotonics 

      Schirato, Andrea; Crotti, Giulia; Zaccaria, Remo Proietti; Alabastri, Alessandro; Valle, Giuseppe Della (2022)
      Light-induced hot carriers in nanostructures and their corresponding optical nonlinearity have been extensively examined during the last decades. However, nonlinear optical effects dictated by the spatio-temporal evolution of out-of-equilibrium electrons at the nanoscale represent a much more recent research focus. Here we theoretically discuss the ...