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    • Asymmetric excitation profiles in the resonance Raman response of armchair carbon nanotubes 

      Hároz, Erik H.; Duque, Juan G.; Barros, Eduardo B.; Telg, Hagen; Simpson, Jeffrey R.; Walker, Angela R. Hight; Khripin, Constantine Y.; Fagan, Jeffrey A.; Tu, Xiaomin; Zheng, Ming; Kono, Junichiro; Doorn, Stephen K. (2015)
      We performed tunable resonance Raman spectroscopy on samples highly enriched in the (5,5), (6,6), (7,7), and (8,8) armchair structures of metallic single-wall carbon nanotubes. We present Raman excitation profiles (REPs) ...
    • Fundamental optical processes in armchair carbon nanotubes 

      Haroz, Erik H.; Duque, Juan G.; Tu, Xiaomin; Zheng, Ming; Walker, Angela R. Hight; Hauge, Robert H.; Doorn, Stephen K.; Kono, Junichiro (2013)
      Single-wall carbon nanotubes provide ideal model one-dimensional (1-D) condensed matter systems in which to address fundamental questions in many-body physics, while, at the same time, they are leading candidates for ...