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    • Accurate measurement of nanomechanical motion in a fiber-taper nano-optomechanical system 

      Zheng, Huadan; Qiu, Weiqia; Gu, Xiaohang; Zhang, Yu; Zhu, Wenguo; Huang, Bincheng; Lu, Huihui; Guan, Heyuan; Xiao, Yi; Zhong, Yongchun; Fang, Junbin; Luo, Yunhan; Zhang, Jun; Yu, Jianhui; Tittel, Frank; Chen, Zhe (2019)
      The hybrid systems that couple optical and mechanical degrees of freedom in nanoscale devices offer an unprecedented opportunity and development in laboratories worldwide. A nano-optomechanical (NOM) system that converts ...
    • Clinical utility of breath ammonia for evaluation of ammonia physiology in healthy and cirrhotic adults 

      Spacek, Lisa A.; Mudalel, Matthew; Tittel, Frank; Risby, Terence H.; Solga, Steven F. (2015)
      Blood ammonia is routinely used in clinical settings to assess systemic ammonia in hepatic encephalopathy and urea cycle disorders. Despite its drawbacks, blood measurement is often used as a comparator in breath studies ...
    • A New Phase Shifting Technique for Deep UV Excimer Laser Based Lithography 

      Bor, Zsolt; Cavallaro, Joseph R.; Erdelyi, Miklos; Kido, Motoi; Sengupta, Chaitali; Smayling, Michael; Szabo, Gabor; Tittel, Frank; Wilson, William (1995-02-01)
      This paper reports simulation and experimental details of a novel phase shifting technique based o laser interferometry. Phase shifting is one of the most promising techniques for the fabrication of high density DRAM's. ...