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    • On The Problem of Simultaneous Encoding of Magnitude and Location Information 

      Castro, Rui; Wakin, Michael; Orchard, Michael (2002-11-20)
      Modern image coders balance bitrate used for encoding the location of signicant transform coefficients, and bitrate used for coding their values. The importance of balancing location and value information in practical ...
    • Phase and Magnitude Perceptual Sensitivities in Nonredundant Complex Wavelet Representations 

      Wakin, Michael; Orchard, Michael; Baraniuk, Richard G.; Chandrasekaran, Venkat (2003-11-01)
      The recent development of a nonredundant complex wavelet transform allows a novel framework for image analysis. Work on this representation has recognized that the phase and magnitude of complex coefficients can be related ...
    • Transmit Diversity with Channel Feedback 

      Mukkavilli, Krishna Kiran; Sabharwal, Ashutosh; Orchard, Michael; Aazhang, Behnaam (2001-09-20)
      Transmit diversity in the presence of channel feedback at the transmitter is analyzed in this paper. We first consider perfect channel feedback and summarize the beamforming solution which minimizes the codeword error ...