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    • A Canonical Covariance Based Method for Generalized Joint Signal Representations 

      Jones, Douglas L.; Sayeed, Akbar M. (1996-04-20)
      Generalized joint signal representations extend the scope of joint time-frequency representations to a richer class of nonstationary signals. Cohen's marginal-based generalized approach is canonical from a distributional ...
    • The Capacity of Average and Peak Power Constrained Fading Channels with Channel Side Information 

      Khojastepour, Mohammad; Aazhang, Behnaam (2004-03-01)
      We derive the ergodic capacity of discrete-time fading channel with additive Gaussian noise subject to both peak and average power constraint. The average power can be interpreted as the cost that we incur to achieve a ...
    • CAPE - VLSI Implementation of a Systolic Processor Array: Architecture, Design and Testing 

      Hemkumar, Nariankadu D.; Kota, Kishore; Cavallaro, Joseph R. (1991-06-20)
      The SVD is an important matrix decomposition in many real-time signal processing, image processing and robotics applications. Special-purpose processor arrays can achieve significant speed-up over conventioinal architectures ...
    • Carbon nanotube fiber terahertz polarizer 

      Zubair, Ahmed; Tsentalovich, Dmitri E.; Young, Colin C.; Heimbeck, Martin S.; Everitt, Henry O.; Pasquali, Matteo; Kono, Junichiro (2016)
      Conventional, commercially available terahertz (THz) polarizers are made of uniformly and precisely spaced metallic wires. They are fragile and expensive, with performance characteristics highly reliant on wire diameters ...
    • Challenges in Computer Architecture Evaluation 

      Skadron, Kevin; Martonosi, Margaret; August, David; Hill, Mark; Lilja, David; Pai, Vijay S. (2003-08-20)
      A report to the US National Science Foundation argues that simulation and benchmarking technology will require a leap in capability within the next few years to maintain ongoing innovation in computer systems.
    • Channel Equalization Algorithms for MIMO Downlink and ASIP Architectures 

      Radosavljevic, Predrag (2004-04-01)
      Processors for mobile handsets in 3G cellular systems require: high speed, flexibility and low power dissipation. While computationally efficient, ASIC processors are often not flexible enough to support necessary ...
    • Channel Estimation and Signal Detection for Multi-Carrier CDMA Systems with Pulse-Shaping Filter 

      Borran, Mohammad Jaber; Varshney, Prabodh; Vilpponen, Hannu; Papadimitriou, Panayiotis (2003-05-20)
      We consider the problem of digital communication in a fading environment using the Multi-Carrier CDMA technology. By incorporating the effect of the pulse-shaping filter in the channel estimation and signal detection ...
    • Channel Estimation for Multirate DS-CDMA Systems 

      Sabharwal, Ashutosh; Mitra, Urbashi; Bhashyam, Srikrishna (2000-11-20)
      The problem of channel estimation for multiple data rate Direct-Sequence Code-Division Multiple-Acess (DS-CDMA) systems is addressed. The derived algorithms are suitable for both variable chipping rate and/or variable ...
    • Characterization of Iron Doped Lithium Niobate for Holographic Storage Applications 

      Shah, Rajiv R.; Kim, Dae M.; Rabson, Thomas A.; Tittel, Frank K. (1976-06-20)
      A detailed study of eight systematically chosen Fe:LiNb0<sub>3</sub> crystals is presented. Correlation between the photorefractive sensitivity and various chemical properties of Fe:LiNb0<sub>3</sub> is investigated in ...
    • Charge Transfer Plasmons: Optical Frequency Conductances and Tunable Infrared Resonances 

      Wen, Fangfang; Zhang, Yue; Gottheim, Samuel; King, Nicholas S.; Zhang, Yu; Nordlander, Peter; Halas, Naomi J. (2015)
      A charge transfer plasmon (CTP) appears when an optical-frequency conductive pathway between two metallic nanoparticles is established, enabling the transfer of charge between nanoparticles when the plasmon is excited. ...
    • Charge-Dependent Transport Switching of Single Molecular Ions in a Weak Polyelectrolyte Multilayer 

      Tauzin, Lawrence J.; Shuang, Bo; Kisley, Lydia; Mansur, Andrea P.; Chen, Jixin; de Leon, Al; Advincula, Rigoberto C.; Landes, Christy F. (2014)
      The tunable nature of weak polyelectrolyte multilayers makes them ideal candidates for drug loading and delivery, water filtration, and separations, yet the lateral transport of charged molecules in these systems remains ...
    • Chip level LMMSE Equalization for Downlink MIMO CDMA in fast fading environments 

      de Baynast, Alexandre; Radosavljevic, Predrag; Cavallaro, Joseph R. (2004-11-01)
      In this paper, we consider linear MMSE equalization for wireless downlink transmission with multiple transmit and receive antennas in fast fading environment. We propose a new algorithm based on conjugate-gradient algorithm ...
    • Chiral and Achiral Nanodumbbell Dimers: The Effect of Geometry on Plasmonic Properties 

      Smith, Kyle W.; Zhao, Hangqi; Zhang, Hui; Sánchez -Iglesias, Ana; Grzelczak, Marek; Wang, Yumin; Chang, Wei-Shun; Nordlander, Peter; Liz-Marzán, Luis; Link, Stephan (2016)
      Metal nanoparticles with a dumbbell-like geometry have plasmonic properties similar to those of their nanorod counterparts, but the unique steric constraints induced by their enlarged tips result in distinct geometries ...
    • Circular Differential Scattering of Single Chiral Self-Assembled Gold Nanorod Dimers 

      Wang, Lin-Yung; Smith, Kyle W.; Dominiquez-Medina, Sergio; Moody, Nicole; Olson, Jana M.; Zhang, Huanan; Chang, Wei-Shun; Kotov, Nicholas; Link, Stephan (2015)
      Circular dichroism spectroscopy is essential for structural characterization of proteins and chiral nanomaterials. Chiral structures from plasmonic materials have extraordinary strong circular dichroism effects compared ...
    • Circular polarization dependent cyclotron resonance in large-area graphene in ultrahigh magnetic fields 

      Booshehri, L.G.; Mielke, C.H.; Rickel, D.G.; Crooker, S.A.; Zhang, Q.; Ren, L.; Haroz, E.H.; Rustagi, A.; Stanton, C.J.; Jin, Z.; Sun, Z.; Yan, Z.; Tour, J.M.; Kono, J. (2012)
      Using ultrahigh magnetic fields up to 170 T and polarized midinfrared radiation with tunable wavelengths from 9.22 to 10.67 μm, we studied cyclotron resonance in large-area graphene grown by chemical vapor deposition. ...
    • Clinical utility of breath ammonia for evaluation of ammonia physiology in healthy and cirrhotic adults 

      Spacek, Lisa A.; Mudalel, Matthew; Tittel, Frank; Risby, Terence H.; Solga, Steven F. (2015)
      Blood ammonia is routinely used in clinical settings to assess systemic ammonia in hepatic encephalopathy and urea cycle disorders. Despite its drawbacks, blood measurement is often used as a comparator in breath studies ...
    • CMOS Processor Element For A Fault-Tolerant SVD Array 

      Kota, Kishore; Cavallaro, Joseph R. (1993-07-20)
      This paper describes the VLSI implementation of a CORDIC based processor element for use in a fault-reconfigurable systolic array to compute the Singular Value Decomposition (SVD) of a matrix. The chip implements a time ...
    • Code Design for Multiple-Antenna Systems 

      Memarzadeh, Mahsa (2001-04-20)
      We propose a systematic method for the design of space-time codes for AWGN slowly and fast Rayleigh fading channels. This can be accomplished by adopting a concatenated space-time code structure, where an orthogonal transmit ...
    • Code Transformations to Improve Memory Parallelism 

      Pai, Vijay S.; Adve, Sarita V. (1999-11-20)
    • Code Transformations to Improve Memory Parallelism 

      Pai, Vijay S.; Adve, Sarita V. (2000-05-20)
      Current microprocessors incorporate techniques to exploit instruction-level parallelism (ILP). However, previous work has shown that these ILP techniques are less effective in removing memory stall time than CPU time, ...