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    • Adsorption of a Protein Monolayer via Hydrophobic Interactions Prevents Nanoparticle Aggregation under Harsh Environmental Conditions 

      Dominguez-Medina, Sergio; Blankenburg, Jan; Olson, Jana; Landes, Christy F.; Link, Stephan (2013)
      We find that citrate-stabilized gold nanoparticles aggregate and precipitate in saline solutions below the NaCl concentration of many bodily fluids and blood plasma. Our experiments indicate that this is due to complexation ...
    • Advanced MIMO-CDMA Receiver for Interference Suppression: Algorithms, System-on-Chip Architectures and Design Methodology 

      Guo, Yuanbin (2005-05-01)
      MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output) technology is proposed in CDMA systems for much higher rate packet services. The receiver architecture is essential for the mobile devices to support high speed multimedia service. ...
    • Advanced Techniques for Next-Generation Wireless Systems 

      Sendonaris, Andrew (1999-08-20)
      In order to meet the demands of next-generation wireless systems, which will be required to support multirate multimedia at high data rates, it is necessary to employ advanced algorithms and techniques that enable the ...
    • An Algorithm for Extraction of More than One Optimal Linear Feature from Several Gaussian Pattern Classes 

      de Figueiredo, Rui J.P.; Pau, K.C.; Sagar, A. D.; Starks, S.A.; Van Rooy, D.L. (1976-04-20)
      Two algorithms have been developed at Rice University for optimal linear feature extraction based on the minimization risk (probability) of misclassification under the assumption that the class conditional probability ...
    • An Algorithm for Optimal Single Linear Feature Extraction from Several Gaussian Pattern Classes 

      Starks, S.A.; de Figueiredo, Rui J.P.; Van Rooy, D.L. (1975-11-20)
      A computational algorithm is presented for the extraction of an optimal single linear feature from several Gaussian pattern classes. The algorithm minimizes the increase in the probability of misclassification in the ...
    • An Algorithm to Factor Polynomial Matrices 

      Kontos, Athanassios (1979-04-01)
      A new algorithm for factoring polynomial matrices, based on concept of elementary factors, is presented in this report. This algorithm does not use numerically unsatisfactory Euclidean type operations.
    • Algorithms and Architectures for Channel Estimation in Wireless CDMA Communication Systems 

      Sengupta, Chaitali (1998-12-20)
      Wireless cellular communication is witnessing a rapid growth in markets, technology, and range of services. An attractive approach for economical, spectrally efficient, and high quality digital cellular and personal ...
    • Algorithms for Optimal Dynamic Assignment in Distributed Processing Systems 

      Sinclair, J. Bartlett (1979-08-20)
      The problem of determining an optimal dynamic assignment of a modular program in a loosely coupled distributed processing system is considered. An optimal dynamic assignment minimizes the sum of all module execution costs, ...
    • Algorithms for Optimal Numerical Quadrature Based on Signal Class Models 

      de Figueiredo, Rui J.P. (1979-11-01)
      A framework is presented for constructing various types of numerical quadrature algorithms which take into account the a-priori known or estimated properties of the signal being processed. This is done by appropriately ...
    • All-optical CDMA with bipolar codes 

      Nguyen, Lim; Aazhang, Behnaam; Young, James F. (1995-03-20)
      A method for the transmission and detection of bipolar sequences in a unipolar system is presented. It allows all-optical implementation, in noncoherent optical CDMA systems, of the bipolar codes that have been developed ...
    • Allpass Filter Design and Applications 

      Lang, Markus (1995-01-15)
      The Problem of allpass filter design for phase approximation and equalization in the Chebyshev sense is solved by using a generalized Remez algorithm. Convergence to the unique optimum is guaranteed and is achieved rapidly ...
    • Aluminum Nanocrystals 

      McClain, Michael J.; Schlather, Andrea E.; Ringe, Emilie; King, Nicholas S.; Liu, Lifei; Manjavacas, Alejandro; Knight, Mark W.; Kumar, Ish; Whitmire, Kenton; Everitt, Henry O.; Nordlander, Peter; Halas, Naomi J. (2015)
      We demonstrate the facile synthesis of high purity aluminum nanocrystals over a range of controlled sizes from 70 to 220 nm diameter with size control achieved through a simple modification of solvent ratios in the reaction ...
    • Ambipolar electronics 

      Yang, Xuebei; Mohanram, Kartik (2010-03-02)
      Ambipolar conduction, characterized by a superposition of electron and hole currents, has been observed in many next-generation devices including carbon nanotube, graphene, silicon nanowire, and organic transistors. ...
    • Analog Computer Simulation of Maximum Expiratory Flow Limitation 

      Olender, Mark F.; Clark, Jr., J.W.; Stevens, P.M. (1975-01-20)
      This paper extends previous modeling work in our laboratory on the simulation of the panting maneuver executed in a body plethysmograph [Golden, et al. (1973)] to the simulation of a wider range of pulmonary function tests ...
    • Analysis of Decision-Feedback Based Broadband OFDM Systems 

      de Baynast, Alexandre; Sabharwal, Ashutosh; Aazhang, Behnaam (2005-11-01)
      In wireless communications, about 25% of the bandwidth is dedicated to training symbols for channel estimation. By using a semi-blind approach, the training sequence length can be reduced while improving performance. The ...
    • Analysis of Multiscale Texture Segmentation using Wavelet-Domain Hidden Markov Trees 

      Choi, Hyeokho; Hendricks, Brent; Baraniuk, Richard G. (1999-10-01)
      This paper describes a technique for estimating the Kullback-Leibler (KL) distance between two Hidden Markov Models (HMMs), and for measuring the quality of the estimator. It also provides some results based on applying ...
    • Analysis of noise reduction in redundant expansions under distributed processing requirements 

      Rozell, Chris; Johnson, Don (2005-03-01)
      We considered signal reconstruction with redundant expansions under distributed processing in noisy environments. Redundant expansions have the ability to reduce noise corrupting the coefficients, but distributed processing ...
    • Analysis of Robots for Hazardous Environments 

      Harpel, Barbara McLaughlin; Dugan, Joanne Bechta; Walker, Ian D.; Cavallaro, Joseph R. (1997-01-01)
      Reliability analysis of fault tolerant systems often ignores the small probability that a failure might not be detected or, if detected, may not be properly handled. The probability that the failure is detected and properly ...
    • Analysis of simple randomized buffer management for parallel I/O 

      Kallahalla, Mahesh; Varman, Peter J. (2004-04)
      Buffer management for a D-disk parallel I/O system is considered in the context of randomized placement of data on the disks. A simple prefetching and caching algorithm PHASE-LRU using bounded lookahead is described and ...
    • Analysis of the DCS one-stage Greedy Algorothm for Common Sparse Supports 

      Baron, Dror; Duarte, Marco F.; Wakin, Michael; Sarvotham, Shriram; Baraniuk, Richard G. (2005-11-01)
      Analysis of the DCS one-stage Greedy Algorothm for Common Sparse Supports