The Max Herzog World War II Memorabilia collection contains correspondence, miltary documents, media, photographs, and artifacts from 1935 to 1947. For more information about the collection please contact staff at the Woodson Research Center at 713-348-2586 or Permission to publish from the Max Herzog World War II Memorabilia collection must be obtained through the Woodson Research Center, Rice University (

Recent Submissions

  • Recording from Max Herzog to family at home during World War II 

    Herzog, Max (1943)
    Max Herzog was born on February 11, 1915 in Joliet, Illinois. When he graduated from high school in Joliet in 1932, Depression conditions led him to pursue his future in Texas where he had relatives. In Houston he met Mayme Bergson on a blind date, and the two later married on March 8, 1942. In October of that year Max was drafted into military ...