Recent Submissions

  • Election 2023: Priorities and Concerns of Houston Residents 

    Potter, Daniel; Glanzer, Anna; Perez, Katherine; Tobin, Alec; Pren, Karen (2023)
    This report amplifies the city of Houston's challenges, opportunities and aspirations, and what residents would like to see done by the next mayor.
  • Equity in the Classroom: Teacher Qualifications and Student Outcomes in HISD (Briefs 1-3) 

    Thomas, Tori; Sánchez-Soto, Gabriela (2023)
    This series of briefs focuses on teacher qualifications and student outcomes in the Houston Independent School District.
  • The 2023 State of Housing in Harris County and Houston 

    Potter, Daniel; Sherman, Stephen Averill; Kim, Andrew; Tobin, Alec (2023)
    The 2023 State of Housing in Harris County and Houston report presents a portrait of renting in Houston and Harris County—renters’ demographic patterns, the types of rental units they occupy, the affordability gap toward homeownership, and the geography of evictions. The report also explores the role of institutional investors and their growing ...
  • Understanding the Effect of HISD’s EMERGE Program on Student Outcomes 

    Holzman, Brian; Thrash, Courtney; Chukhray, Irina (2023)
    This brief looks at the impact of HISD's EMERGE program on students' likelihood to apply to and enroll in a selective college.
  • Staying in the Neighborhood: Examining Distance to Zoned Schools and Access to Transportation 

    Molina, Mauricio; Baumgartner, Erin; Bao, Katharine (2023)
    The Houston Independent School District's current busing policy states that students are eligible for transportation services to and from their zoned school if they reside two or more miles from that school. Within the context of HISD’s transportation policy, this brief aimed to better understand how a student's proximity to a zoned school and access ...
  • Study on Social and Emotional Skills 

    Ying, Ming; Szabo, Julia; Baumgartner, Erin; Kinder Institute for Urban Research (2023)
    The Study of Social and Emotional Skills (SSES) is an international effort led by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). The Houston Independent School District (HISD) served as the only U.S. site for this study. Over 6,400 10-year-old and 15-year-old students from 119 HISD schools participated in the SSES in the fall of ...
  • Long-term English learners: How is timing of reclassification associated with middle and high school outcomes? 

    Cashiola, L.; Cigarroa Kennedy, C.; Molina, Mauricio; Ma, H.; Varghese, L. (2022)
    The purpose of this brief is to examine middle and high school outcomes of long-term English learners in the Houston region, with a specific focus on how the timing of reclassification—when an EL student is reclassified as English proficient—was associated with academic achievement and school engagement.
  • HISD Student Needs Survey: Fall 2021 

    Cigarroa Kennedy, C.; Stroub, K. (2022)
    HISD's student needs survey was administered in December 2021 and January 2022 to all HISD students in two age groups: Grades 3-6 and Grades 7-12. In total, the survey asked respondents to identify needs across five categories: health, mental health, basic needs, home learning environment and enrichment activities. Recommendations and briefs summarizing ...
  • Problems with How Texas Measures Continuous Enrollment and Proposed Solutions: A Methodological Report 

    Nguyen, D.; Gill, P.; Potter, Daniel (2022)
    Texas' current definition of continuous enrollment suggests a level of stability in schools that does not align with the lived experiences of students and teachers. This report proposes alternative definitions that identify a smaller percentage of students as continuously enrolled. It also looks at the relationship between student continuous enrollment ...
  • The 2022 State of Housing in Harris County and Houston Kinder Houston Area Survey: At the Forefront of a Changing America 

    Park, John; Sherman, Stephen Averill; Guajardo, Luis; Fulton, William; Kinder Institute for Urban Research (2022)
    The third annual State of Housing report documents a rapidly changing housing environment in Houston and Harris County. Due to delays in data released from the U.S. Census and the American Communities Survey, the 2022 report relied more on data from other sources, especially the Houston Associations of Realtors (HAR) and the Home Mortgage Disclosure ...
  • Harris County Winter Storm Uri Resilience Assessment in Harris County 

    Kinder Institute for Urban Research; Kinder Institute for Urban Research (2022)
    This report provides a geographic analysis of damage caused by Winter Storm Uri and highlights the unmet needs it uncovered. Additionally, researchers analyzed the damage from three disaster events—Winter Storm Uri, COVID-19 and Hurricane Harvey—to better understand the impact of compounding crises. The report also includes a resilience assessment ...
  • Property Tax Equity in Harris County 

    Fulton, William; Herlands, Julie (2022)
    The purpose of this study is to estimate the extent to which property taxes paid by City of Houston residents, businesses, and property owners financially support County services provided in Harris County outside the City of Houston.
  • A Tale of Two Departments: Public Health in Harris County and the City of Houston 

    Fulton, William; Witt, Alan; Fedorowicz, Nikola; Mokrushina, Ksenia; Shelton, Kyle; (2021)
    The purpose of this report is to take a fresh look at possible service overlaps between the Harris County Department of Public Health and the City of Houston Department of Health and Human Services and identify options to reduce those overlaps and increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the public health delivery system.
  • Preserving Affordable Housing in Harris County 

    Guajardo, Luis; Sherman, Stephen Averill; Park, John; Fulton, William (2021)
    In this report, Kinder Institute researchers identify affordable housing preservation policies and programs in the Houston area, document the range and extent of affordable housing, and describe best practices that could help stem the loss of local affordable housing stock.
  • The 2021 State of Housing in Harris County and Houston 

    Sherman, Stephen Averill; Park, John; Guajardo, Luis; Shelton, Kyle; Lessans, Jenna; (2021)
    The 2021 State of Housing in Harris County and Houston uses a range of indicators to track the challenges, opportunities and trends in the region's housing system.
  • Annual Report 2020 

    Rougeau, Rose; Kinder Institute for Urban Research (2021)
    In 2020, the Kinder Institute for Urban Research celebrated its 10th anniversary. COVID-19 and a renewed concern over racial injustice would dominate the year, and the institute pivoted its research and events in accordance.
  • Re-Taking Stock: Understanding How Trends in the Housing Stock and Gentrification are connected in Houston and Harris County 

    Park, John; Guajardo, Luis; Shelton, Kyle; Sherman, Steve; Fulton, William (2021)
    Understanding how housing development reshapes communities is essential to discussions about redevelopment and providing residents with access to safe and affordable homes. While new development can mean improved housing conditions, increased supply and shifting home prices, it can also acutely affect communities with older homes and long-term residents ...
  • Texas Metropolitan Blueprint: A Policy Agenda to Secure the Competitiveness and Prosperity of Texas 

    Clark, Cullum; Fulton, William; Pedigo, Steven; Shelton, Kyle (2021)
    Texas is a metropolitan state. It needs a metropolitan policy agenda. Metropolitan regions are home to 9 in 10 Texans, and they are the state’s economic engines. They need a slate of policies that improves the quality of life for all their residents—and at the same time drives their competitiveness. This Texas Metropolitan Blueprint lays out ...
  • A Bottom-Up Infrastructure Strategy for American Renewal 

    Cisneros, Henry G.; Fulton, William; Clark, J.H. Cullum; Hendricks, David; Davis, Victoria; (2021)
    As the United States emerges from the pandemic, it is clear that the nation faces a number of major challenges. This report and an accompanying interactive map explore the infrastructure priorities identified by local and regional leaders around the nation. The report also outlines an unconventional bottom-up approach to improvements.
  • Who's Policing the Police?: A Comparison of the Civilian Agencies that Perform Oversight of Police in Texas' Five Largest Cities 

    Sherman, Stephen Averill; Fulton, William (2020)
    This report analyzes the civilian agencies that perform oversight of police in Texas' five largest cities: Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, Austin and Fort Worth. These five cities' oversight agencies have different mandates, responsibilities and investigative powers, as well as different relationships to the general public and disclosure requirements. ...

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