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Table of Contents

In order of appearance.

—Front Matter (PDF | 199.1 kB )

—A Virgin Queen, Not By Choice
by Emily Abdow (PDF | 310.3 kB )

—Stranger Lands: Politics, Ethnicity, and Occupation on the Eastern Front, 1914-1918
by Gary Dreyer (PDF | 257.6 kB )

—Race, Labor, and Class in Interwar New York
by David Ratnoff (PDF | 617.5 kB )

—A Carefully Constructed History: Gregory of Tours and the Observation of Societal Shift in Merovingian Gaul
by Oliver Lucier (PDF | 600.7 kB )

—How to Build a Villain: Aurangzeb, Temple Destruction, and His Modern Reputation
by Maximilian F. Murdoch (PDF | 484.1 kB )

—Michael E. Debakey High School for Health Professions: Houston Magnet Schools and the Mandate of Integration
by Benjamin Jones (PDF | 364.5 kB )

—Back Matter (PDF | 884.3 kB )

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Dr. Nathan Citino | Associate Professor | US and Middle East
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Dr. Alida Metcalf | Chair of the History Department | Colonial Latin America, Brazil
Dr. Kerry Ward | Associate Professor of History | World and African

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