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    • Osiris (in Illustrated List of the principal Egyptian Divinities) 

      Two images of the same god wearing the crown of Upper Egypt, with feathers on the left, and without on the right.
    • Osiris, prince of eternity 

      Unknown (1885)
      Line drawing of Egyptian god Osiris. Line drawing.
    • Resurrection of Osiris 

      Pearson, G. (1890)
      Figure lies on couch with left arm and leg upraised, another stands at his feet with outstretched arms.
    • Shrine of Osiris 1 

      Pearson, G. (1890)
      Head without distinguishing features rests atop a four tiered pillar (Nilometer).
    • Shrine of Osiris 2 

      Pearson, G. (1890)
      Two figures kneel, bookending an image of a man's head and arm in profile, with a headdress of the god resting on top.
    • Shrine of Osiris 3 

      Pearson, G. (1890)
      Full length legs and feet lie in a mausoleum in front of two kneeling figures.