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    • The Avenue of Sphinxes and Ptolemaic Pylon at Karnak. 

      Sladen, Douglas (1911)
      An old man on the side of a dirt road faces the camera. Two women, palm trees and a building are in the background.
    • Great Columns at Karnac 

      Beato, Antonio (1906)
      A leaning column covered in hieroglyphics.
    • Karnac 

      Beato, Antonio (1906)
      Several ruined buildings at Karnak.
    • Karnac, Pylone of Ptolemy 

      Beato, Antonio (1906)
      A view up the road to a tall archway in Karnak. Several people are standing on the sides of the roads.
    • Obelisks at Karnac 

      Dittrich, P. (1906)
      A tall obelisk stands above a filed of rubble and bricks. In the foreground lies the top of another obelisk.