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    • "The Pious Editur" 

      Unknown (1885)
      A man sitting at a desk, cutting apart a paper marked "Indelible Disgrace", with many books and papers strewn about with the name Gordon on them. Line drawing.
    • Ramesis II. And Three Sons Storming a Fortress. 

      A picture of four men on chariots attacking a building on a hill. One man is in the lead of the charge and the three following are Remesis's Sons.
    • Ratib Pacha, Commander of Egyptian Army in Abyssinia 

      Egyptian army commander leans on a chaise lounge. He is wearing several medals a sash and carrying a sword.
    • "Rescue and Retire" 

      Unknown (1885)
      A man in military garb and iceskates pulling another man out of a hole (which is marked "Danger Egypt") in the ice over a pond, while another falls down and two others skate in the background. Line drawing.
    • The Salvation (?) Army 

      Unknown (1885)
      A parade of caricatures playing various musical instruments, with people in the background saying "Salvation?? Army" and "Khartoum". Line drawing.
    • Sir Ernest Cassel 

      Lafayette (1906)
      A portrait of banker and capitalist Sir Ernest Cassel.
    • The Sleeping Beauties 

      Unknown (1885)
      A man standing in front of three Egyptian statues, each of which has the head of one of the current Egyptian government officials. Line drawing.
    • Tewfik Pacha, Khedive of Egypt 

      A portrait of a man dressed in regalia with a sword at his side and right hand against a book on a desk.
    • The Egyptian Red Book 

      Stronach, George, d. 1915; Halkett, George R., 1855-1915 (George Roland) (1884)
      Satiric collection of cartoons and commentary related to William Gladstone's Egyptian policy.
    • The Irish Green Book 

      Stronach, George, d. 1915; Halkett, George R., 1855-1915 (George Roland) (1888)
    • Thotmes II. 

      A simple portrait of Thotmes wearing a head dress.
    • The Three Graces 

      Unknown (1885)
      Three men posing on a pedestal, holding balls that say "Peace with Soudan", "Retrench", and "Reform Socialism". Line drawing.
    • Tombs of the Mamelukes. Egypt--Cairo. (105) 

      Unknown (1900)
      Man at tombs
    • "Too Late!" 

      Punch (Corporate author) (1885)
      Cartoon showing a female figure with helmet and sword (possibly Britannia) lamenting fate of Gen. Charles Gordon as an army storms the gates.
    • Tragedy and Comedy 

      Unknown (1885)
      A man looking pompous at the opera, whle another in military uniform swoons behind him. Line drawing.
    • Turkey-Egypt 

      Unknown (1900)
      Drawing of a billowing Turkish flag on fabric
    • View of the Tombs of the Memlook Kings, Cairo, Egypt 

      Unknown (1900)
      View of the tombs
    • War Office, Khartoum 

      Venieris, M. (1906)
      An elevated view of the war office in Khartoum, a low building which overlooks a courtyard sparsely filled with people and wheeled cannons.