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    • The Ruined Mosque of Ibn-Tuloon 

      Strassberger, B. (1878)
      View of a mosque from outside and above its walls.
    • Ruined Temple at Tafah, Nubia 

      Pearson, G. (1890)
      A lone palm stands beside what remains of a small temple, background of mountains.
    • Ruins of Ancient Church, Famagusta 

      Unknown (1900)
      Remaining arches of church. Black-and-white photograph.
    • Ruins of Chefren 

      Werner, Carl (1878)
      Two men standing atop stone ruins.
    • [Ruins of Isses Templet] 

      I.T. Relling & Co. (1900)
      View of the ruins of the Isses Templet
    • The Ruins of Philae. 

      Full-color photograph of the ruins of two partially submerged temples at Philae.
    • Ruins of Sais 

      Muller, Leopold Carl (1878)
      Heavily-worn ruins in the desert.
    • Ruins of Tanis 

      Strassberger, B. (1878)
      An expanse of rubble from ruined buildings of Tanis.
    • Ruins of the City Wall of Alexandria 

      Muller, Leopold Carl (1878)
      A ruined wall in the desert.
    • Ruins of the Governer's Palace at Famagusta. 

      Uniformed guards marching through a courtyard toward a high archway.
    • S. H. Leeder 

      Unknown (1918)
      A photo of the book author. . Black- and- white photograph.
    • S.S. "Rameses" 

      Sanderson (1906)
      A boat with two levels of rooms and small decorative flags covering its masts.
    • Sa'ga't (1). Ta'r (2), and Dar'abook'keh (3). 

      Lane, E. W. (Edward William), 1801-1876 (1836)
      Two sets of brass finger cymbals, a tambourine and a drum. . Engraving (prints).
    • [Saboa Templet Nubia] 

      Unknown (1900)
      Several men in and around the saboa templet in Nubia
    • Sack'cka Shur'beh. 

      Lane, E. W. (Edward William), 1801-1876 (1836)
      A man carring a big water bag on his shoulder. His right hand holding a cup- ready to supply water for passengers. Engraving (prints).
    • Sack'ckas. 

      Lane, E. W. (Edward William), 1801-1876 (1836)
      A man leading a camel which is carring a water bag on the back, followed by an ass carring a water bag which is pushed by a boy. Another boy is carrying a water bag himself. Engraving (prints).
    • Sacred Tree of Fatima 

      Welsch, F.C. (1878)
      A low, wide-branching tree with sheets draped over some of its bare branches.
    • Sacred Uraeus Snake 

      Ramsthal, August (1878)
      A cobra.
    • The Sacrifice to the Nile 

      Gentz, Wilhelm (1878)
      A young woman, with her arms and legs bound, waiting at the edge of the river to be sacrificed.
    • Safekh 

      Unknown (1885)
      Line drawing of Egyptian god Safekh. Line drawing.