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    • Cyprus 

      Unknown (1940)
      A simplified map of the country of Cyprus showing the elevations of different cities.
    • Sketch Plan Showing the Growth of Cairo 

      Unknown (1918)
      A sketch of Cairo showing different areas of the city along with approximate dates for their creation.
    • Cairo before 1200 

      Unknown (1918)
      A map showing the development of Cairo before 1200 A.D., with locations labeled in Arabic.
    • Cairo 

      Stanford's Geographical Establishment (1918)
      Greyscale map of Cairo with main buildings identified
    • Plan of Medieval Monuments of Cairo 

      Survey of Egypt (1917)
      A large fold-out map of the city of Cairo with buildings and monuments labeled and indexed, and streets leading to those buildings and monuments labeled as well.
    • Necropolis of Thebes 

      Survey Department of Giza (1915)
      A simplified map of the Necropolis of Thebes, with buildings outlined and labeled.
    • [The Nile] 

      Survey Department of Giza (1915)
      A simplified map showing the course of the Nile River and the locations of major cities along it.
    • Pyramids of Gizeh 

      Wagner & Debes (1914)
      Left half of a map of the Pyramids of Gizeh, with a key and a chart comparing their height to other world landmarks.
    • The Suez Canal 

      Wagner & Debes (1914)
      A map of the Suez Canal, from Port Said to Port Ibrahim. The area from Port Said to the former Balah Lakes is displayed as an inset to the rest of the map.
    • Ramleh 

      Wagner & Debes (1914)
      A plan of Ramleh, with a key marking off tram stations.
    • The Nile from Assuan to the Second Cataract 

      Unknown (1914)
      A map in two sections of the Nile River from Assuan to the Second Cataract, showing cities, towns, and railway stations. City names are in Arabic. Inset in the bottom right corner is a close-in view of the area around Halfa ...
    • Le Delta (Basse-Egypte) 

      Wagner & Debes (1914)
      A map of the Nile River Delta, showing cities, roads, and arable land.
    • Le Nil Du Caire A Abou-Kerkas 

      Wagner & Debes (1914)
      A fold-out map of the Nile River from Cairo to Abou-Kerkas, showing latitude and longitude of cities and towns along its course.
    • Le Fayoum 

      Wagner & Debes (1914)
      A colored two-page map showing the Fayoum, fertile land, and the cities and towns in the area with names in Arabic and French.
    • Sketch Map of Egypt 

      Wagner & Debes (1914)
      A sketch map of Egypt, outlining the Nile River and major destinations on and near it, as well as basic topographical information. Areas that are pictured in other maps are boxed in red, with page numbers also in red.
    • Khartum & Omdurman 

      Wagner & Debes (1914)
      A map of Khartum and Omdurman with places of interest numbered, with labels at the side. Inset is a map of the area north and south of the cities showing nearby cities and towns.
    • Old Cairo 

      Unknown (1914)
      A small-scale map of part of old Cairo.
    • Map of the Environs of Cairo 

      Wagner & Debes (1914)
      A colored map of the region immediately surrounding Cairo, with major landmarks, roads and towns labeled. Areas covered by other maps are boxed in red, with numbers corresponding to the map's page number in the book.
    • Thebes 

      Schweinfurth, G.; Wagner & Debes (1914)
      A map of the area around Thebes, showing Luxor and Karnak, as well as major roads in red.
    • Necropolis of Thebes 

      Wagner & Debes (1914)
      A two-page greyscale map showing the locations of buildings, major geographical features, and roads around the Necropolis of Thebes. Inset is a map of the Tomb of the Kings (east valley) with tombs numbered.