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    • Thebes and Luxor 

      Stanford's Geographical Establishment (1888)
      A color map of Thebes, showing the area between Luxor and Karnak, with buildings labeled.
    • Tombeaux des Khalifes 

      Wagner & Debes (1908)
      A plan of the Tombs of the Khalifs, with major buildings and tombs marked.
    • Tombeaux des Khalifes 

      Wagner & Debes (1914)
      The Tombs of the Khalifs to the east of Cairo, with individual tombs labeled.
    • Topographical Plan of the Pyramids of Geezeh 

      Unknown (1888)
      A detailed overhead drawing of the Pyramids of Geezeh, with important points marked with letters corresponding to written descriptions.
    • West Shore Necropolis of Thebes 

      Underwood & Underwood (1905)
      A line map of the Necropolis of Thebes, showing topographical information and places of interest, with some marked in orange.