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  • [Egypt and the Arabian Peninsula] 

    Unwin Brothers Lithographers (1877)
    A greyscale map of Egypt and the Arabian Peninsula, with major cities labeled. Names marked in red indicate excavations led by Mariette-Bey.
  • Environs of Assuan 

    Wagner & Debes (1892)
    Map of the area south of and including the city of Assuan, with roads, cities, and a route up the Nile River marked.
  • The Island of Philae 

    Underwood & Underwood (1905)
    A greyscale map of the island of Philae, with points of interest marked in orange.
  • The Island of Philae 

    Wagner & Debes (1892)
    Map of the island of Philae showing the outlines of buildings, with no labels.
  • Plan of the Island of Philae 

    Unknown (1888)
    A greyscale plan of Philae, with buildings outlined and topographical features indicated.
  • Temple of Isis on Philae 

    Wagner & Debes (1892)
    A sketch map of the Temple of Isis on the island og Philae, with buildings outlined and labeled with orange letters.