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    • Court at Medinet Habu. 

      Beato, Antonio (1902)
      Photograph of a courtyard in a crumbled brick building.
    • Outside Court, Medinet Habu 

      Pearson, G. (1890)
      Four stone figures stand in front of pillars, though two are missing significant portions, almost every vertical surface is completely covered with hieroglyphic texts.
    • Palace Entrance, Medinet Habu 

      Pearson, G. (1890)
      Simple entryway and two windows directly above it, formed with large stone blocks covered in hieroglyphic characters.
    • Vases and Goblets (Medinet Habu) 

      Pearson, G. (1890)
      Set of three vases/goblets, each of a distinct size, shape, and design.