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    • A Boys' School 

      Lekegian, G. (1906)
      Five young men sit clustered closely around an older man while they read from books.
    • A Class of Cheiks 

      Lekegian, G. (1906)
      A large group of men in robes stand in rows in a courtyard.
    • A Kouttab School 

      A group of children sit in a circle along with an older man. Several children are holding up pieces of paper, and a few are sitting inside the circle at a low bookstand.
    • Public School in the Heart of Cairo 

      Fiedler, Bernhard (1878)
      A school in the middle of Cairo.
    • Pupils of the Khedive's Private School 

      Sanderson (1906)
      A group photo of the children in the Khedive's private school, dressed in white robes with tall black hats.