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    • Tassel Ornament 

      Gnauth, Adolf (1878)
    • A Tattooed Girl. 

      Lane, E. W. (Edward William), 1801-1876 (1836)
      Head and bust of woman, showing tatoos onface and hands. Engraving (prints).
    • Tattooed Hands and Foot. 

      Lane, E. W. (Edward William), 1801-1876 (1836)
      Two tattooed hands and a tattooed foot. Engraving (prints).
    • Taufikia 

      Two men standing in front of a low hut, with two ostriches to the side.
    • Team of Camel and Bullock 

      Dittrich, P. (1906)
      A camel and a bull pull a tilling machine on which a white-robed man sits.
    • Tehuti. [AND] Khonsu. 

      Drawings of the ibis-headed god Tehuti and the bird-headed god Khonsu.
    • Temple of Abou Simbel 

      Dittrich, P. (1906)
      The temple at Abou Simbel. There are four large statues of men sitting, but one has been partially destroyed.
    • Temple of Amada 

      Pearson, G. (1890)
      One man leans against a wall and the other sits in the shadow of a pillar. The temple has few designs, many of which are images of birds.
    • The Temple of Amon-Ra at Karnak. 

      Sladen, Douglas (1911)
      The ruins of a temple with two obelisks in the distance.
    • Temple of Dabôd 

      Pearson, G. (1890)
      Two towers stand before a partially ruined temple, which is surrounded by a low pile of fallen bricks.
    • Temple of Dakkeh, Nubia 

      Pearson, G. (1890)
      Temple with two tall front faces as viewed at a distance across the water; several mountains in the background.
    • Temple of Denderah 

      A temple with six thick pillars in the front, each with a face carved into it.
    • Temple of Dendoor 

      Pearson, G. (1890)
      A single tower stands in front of a small, two-columned temple.
    • Temple of Derr, Nubia 

      Pearson, G. (1890)
      Two painted square columns on the left, and a large hole in the center wall, man holding spear in the background.
    • The Temple of Edfu 

      Dunning, H.W. (Photographer) (1905)
      Side view of the front of the Temple of Edfu.
    • Temple of Esneh 

      Pearson, G. (1890)
      Two figures wait inside a wooden gate, leaves and blade-like designs decorate the top of the pillars.
    • Temple of Gerf Hossayn, Nubia 

      Pearson, G. (1890)
      Three large headless (and one normal) statues guard the entrance to a temple with fading inscriptions on its façade.
    • The Temple of Hathor at Dendera 

      Dunning, H.W. (Photographer) (1905)
      View of the front of the Temple of Hathor.
    • Temple of Horus at Edfu. 

      Underwood & Underwood (1905)
      A plan of the Temple of Horus with areas of interest marked in orange.