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    • Integral Transforms Covariant to Unitary Operators and their Implications for Joint Signal Representations 

      Sayeed, Akbar M.; Jones, Douglas L. (1996-06-01)
      Fundamental to the theory of joint signal representations is the idea of associating a variable, such as time or frequency, with an operator, a concept borrowed from quantum mechanics. Each variable can be associated ...
    • Joint Distributions of Arbitrary Variables Made Easy 

      Baraniuk, Richard G. (1996-09-01)
      The successful application of joint time-frequency distributions to problems in time-varying spectral analysis has stimulated considerable interest in distributions of other variables for use when a strict time-frequency ...
    • Myoelectric Teleoperation of a Complex Robotic Hand 

      Farry, Kristin A; Walker, Ian D; Baraniuk, Richard G. (1996-10-01)
      Teleoperation continues to be a primary control mode in robotics applications, particularly for robots with complex hands. This paper details a novel method of teleoperation of complex anthropomorphic robotic hands: ...
    • A Signal Dependent Time Frequency Representation: Optimal Kernel Design 

      Baraniuk, Richard G.; Jones, Douglas L. (1993-04-01)
      Time-frequency distributions (TFDs), which indicate the energy content of a signal as a function of both time and frequency, are powerful tools for time-varying signal analysis. The lack of a single distribution that is ...
    • Time Frequency Analysis Applications in Geophysics 

      Steeghs, Philippe; Baraniuk, Richard G.; Odegard, Jan E. (2002-01-15)
      In this chapter, we overview a number of applications of time-frequency representations in seismic data processing, from the analysis of seismic sequences to efficient attribute extraction to 3-D attributes for volumetric data.
    • Time-Frequency Complexity and Information 

      Flandrin, Patrick; Baraniuk, Richard G.; Michel, Olivier (1994-04-01)
      Many functions have been proposed for estimating signal information content and complexity on the time-frequency plane, including moment-based measures such as the time-bandwidth product and the Shannon and Renyi entropies. ...
    • Time-Frequency Based Distance and Divergence Measures 

      Michel, Olivier; Baraniuk, Richard G. (1994-10-01)
      A study of the phase and amplitude sensitivity of the recently proposed Renyi time-frequency information measure leads to the introduction of a new "Jensen-like" divergence measure. While this quantity promises to be a ...
    • Wigner-Based Formulation of the Chirplet Transform 

      Baraniuk, Richard G.; Jones, Douglas L. (1996-12-01)
      Using the Wigner distribution, we derive and analyze a matrix formulation for the chirplet transform, a signal analysis tool that generalizes the wavelet and short-time Fourier transforms. The formulation expresses the ...