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  • Novel Material Behavior in Carbon Nanotube/Elastomer Composites 

    Carey, Brent (2012-09-05)
    Composites are multiphasic materials with individual constituent parts that work cooperatively to produce some desired result. For the common case of structural composites, the use of nanoscale additives does not always ...
  • Optimization of PAMAM-gold nanoparticle conjugation for gene therapy 

    Figueroa, Elizabeth R.; Lin, Adam Y.; Yan, Jiaxi; Luo, Laureen; Foster, Aaron E.; Drezek, Rebekah A. (2014)
    The development of efficient and biocompatible non-viral vectors for gene therapy remains a great challenge, and exploiting the properties of both nanoparticle carriers and cationic polymers is an attractive approach. In ...