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  • GR-FET application for high-frequency detection device 

    Mahjoub, Akram M.; Nicol, Alec; Abe, Takuto; Ouchi, Takahiro; Iso, Yuhei; Kida, Michio; Aoki, Noboyuki; Miyamoto, Katsuhiko; Omatsu, Takashige; Bird, Jonathan P.; Ferry, David K.; Ishibashi, Koji; Ochiai, Yuichi (2013)
    A small forbidden gap matched to low-energy photons (meV) and a quasi-Dirac electron system are both definitive characteristics of bilayer graphene (GR) that has gained it considerable interest in realizing a broadly ...
  • Graphene Ambipolar Multiplier Phase Detector 

    Yang, Xuebei; Liu, Guanxiong; Rostami, Masoud; Balandin, Alexander A.; Mohanram, Kartik (2011-10)
    We report the experimental demonstration of a multiplier phase detector implemented with a single top-gated graphene transistor. Ambipolar current conduction in graphene transistors enables simplification of the design ...
  • Using the Plasmon Linewidth To Calculate the Time and Efficiency of Electron Transfer between Gold Nanorods and Graphene 

    Hoggard, Anneli; Wang, Lin-Yung; Ma, Lulu; Fang, Ying; You, Ge; Olson, Jana; Liu, Zheng; Chang, Wei-Shun; Ajayan, Pulickel M.; Link, Stephan (2013)
    We present a quantitative analysis of the electron transfer between single gold nanorods and monolayer graphene under no electrical bias. Using single-particle dark-field scattering and photoluminescence spectroscopy to ...