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    • Nonrandom seed dispersal by lemur frugivores: mechanism, patterns and impacts 

      Razafindratsima, Onja Harinala Franckline Eva (2015-04-23)
      Frugivores act as seed-dispersal agents in many ecosystems. Thus, understanding the roles and impacts of seed dispersal by frugivores is important to understand the structure and diversity maintenance of plant communities. ...
    • Seed dispersal by Ceratogymna hornbills in the Dja Reserve, Cameroon 

      Smith, Thomas B.; Parker, V. Thomas; Hardesty, Britta Denise; Stauffer, Donald J.; Holbrook, Kimberly M.; Lamperti, Aaron M.; Fogiel, Mark K.; Whitney, Kenneth D. (1998-05)
      Seed dispersal is a process critical to the maintenance of tropical forests, yet little is known about the interactions of most dispersers with their communities. In the Dja Reserve, Cameroon, seed dispersal by the ...