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    • Chemical physics of protein folding 

      Wolynes, Peter G.; Eaton, William A.; Fersht, Alan R. (2012-10-30)
    • Fluctuating mobility generation and transport in glasses 

      Wisitsorasak, Apiwat; Wolynes, Peter G. (2013)
      In the context of the random first order transition theory we use an extended mode coupling theory of the glass transition that includes activated events to account for spatiotemporal structures in rejuvenating glasses. ...
    • Frustration in biomolecules 

      Ferreiro, Diego U.; Komives, Elizabeth A.; Wolynes, Peter G. (2014)
      Biomolecules are the prime information processing elements of living matter. Most of these inanimate systems are polymers that compute their own structures and dynamics using as input seemingly random character strings of ...
    • Funneling and frustration in the energy landscapes of some designed and simplified proteins 

      Truong, Ha H.; Kim, Bobby L.; Schafer, Nicholas P.; Wolynes, Peter G. (2013)
      We explore the similarities and differences between the energy landscapes of proteins that have been selected by nature and those of some proteins designed by humans. Natural proteins have evolved to function as well as ...
    • Predictive energy landscapes for folding α-helical transmembrane proteins 

      Kim, Bobby L.; Schafer, Nicholas P.; Wolynes, Peter G. (2014)
      We explore the hypothesis that the folding landscapes of membrane proteins are funneled once the proteins' topology within the membrane is established. We extend a protein folding model, the associative memory, water-mediated, ...
    • Protein Frustratometer 2: a tool to localize energetic frustration in protein molecules, now with electrostatics 

      Parra, R. Gonzalo; Schafer, Nicholas P.; Radusky, Leandro G.; Tsai, Min-Yeh; Guzovsky, A. Brenda; Wolynes, Peter G.; Ferreiro, Diego U. (2016)
      The protein frustratometer is an energy landscape theory-inspired algorithm that aims at localizing and quantifying the energetic frustration present in protein molecules. Frustration is a useful concept for analyzing ...