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    • Comparison study of ring current simulations with and without bubble injections 

      Yang, Jian; Toffoletto, Frank R.; Wolf, Richard A. (2016)
      For many years, stand-alone ring current models have been successfully producing storm time ring current enhancements without specifying explicit localized transient injections along their outer boundaries. However, both ...
    • RCM-E simulation of a thin arc preceded by a north-south-aligned auroral streamer 

      Yang, Jian; Toffoletto, Frank R.; Wolf, Richard A. (2014)
      The Time History of Events and Macroscale Interactions during Substorms (THEMIS) all-sky imager data have recently revealed a repeatable sequence that occurs during many auroral substorms, in which a newly formed thin arc ...
    • RCM-E simulation of bimodal transport in the plasma sheet 

      Yang, Jian; Wolf, Richard A.; Toffoletto, Frank R.; Sazykin, Stanislav; Wang, Chih-Ping (2014)
      Plasma sheet transport is bimodal, consisting of both large-scale adiabatic convection and intermittent bursty flows in both earthward and tailward directions. We present two comparison simulations with the Rice Convection ...