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  • Handset Detector Architectures for DS-CDMA Wireless Systems 

    Livingston, Frank; Chandrasekhar, Vikram; Vaya, Mani; Cavallaro, Joseph R. (2002-05-20)
    This paper investigates detector architectures for wireless handsets employing DS-CDMA. The code-matched filter (MF) and minimum output energy (MOE) detectors are analyzed with respect to fixed-point arithmetic behavior. ...
  • VITURBO: A Reconfigurable Architecture for Ubiquitous Wireless Networks 

    Vaya, Mani (2002-08-01)
    A run-time reconfigurable architecture for ubiquitous wireless networks has been designed and implemented. Reconfigurable architectures have the ability to change themselves dynamically thus presenting a viable proposition ...
  • VITURBO: A Reconfigurable Architecture for Viterbi and Turbo Decoding 

    Cavallaro, Joseph R.; Vaya, Mani (2003-04-20)
    A runtime reconfigurable architecture for high speed Viterbi and Turbo decoding is designed and implemented on an FPGA. The architecture can be reconfigured to decode a range of convolutionally coded data with constraint ...