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    • Applicative constructions and suppletive verbs in Hiaki 

      Haugen, Jason; Tubino Blanco, Mercedes; Harley, Heidi (2009-02-11)
      Several intransitive verbs of motion or posture in Hiaki exhibit verb-stem suppletion conditioned by the number of the subject. There are also a few suppletive transitive verbs conditioned by the number of the object. We ...
    • The syntax of hybrid verb/affix lexemes and clause fusion in Hiaki (Yaqui) 

      Haugen, Jason; Harley, Heidi; Tubino Blanco, Mercedes (2009-02-11)
      We argue that verb/affix hybrids in Hiaki (Yaqui) are subject to the same conditions on clause fusion (Rude 1996) as 'pure' affixal verbs in spite of their different distributional behavior. We show that all verbs involved ...