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  • Empress Eugenie's Dahabeah 

    Sanderson (1906)
    The dahabeah (sailboat) of Empress Eugenie as it sails the Nile.
  • Khedive's Dahabeah 

    Sanderson (1906)
    A long boat with a single covered deck and a cabin that stretches the length of the boat.
  • Landing-Place, Luxor 

    Gardiner, David (1906)
    The shore of the Nile at Luxor, where many ships are moored and people mill about.
  • Native Boats 

    Lekegian, G. (1906)
    Several square rafts piled high with pyramid-shaped stacks of circular white containers.
  • S.S. "Rameses" 

    Sanderson (1906)
    A boat with two levels of rooms and small decorative flags covering its masts.
  • A Train On His New Railway 

    The Khedive watches from the foreground as people board a train.