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    • Architecture and Algorithms for Scalable Mobile QoS 

      Sadeghi, Bahareh (2000-04-20)
      We develop a simple analytical model to study the system and illustrate several key components of the approach. We formulate the problem of how to group the cells to form the virtual system as an optimization problem and ...
    • Architecture and algorithms for scalable mobile QoS 

      Sadeghi, Bahareh (2000)
      Supporting Quality of Service is an important objective for future mobile systems, and requires resource reservation and admission control to achieve. In this thesis, we introduce a scalable scheme to admission control ...
    • MAC for real-time applications over random-access time-varying channels 

      Sadeghi, Bahareh (2004)
      This thesis introduces mechanisms for support of real-time applications in high-density random-access networks. Random-access Wireless LANs are increasingly being used to support real-time applications such as voice over ...