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    • Concentric nanoshells and plasmon hybridization 

      Radloff, Corey J. (2004)
      The optical properties of metal nanostructures are related to their plasmon response, which is sensitively dependent on nanostructure geometry and environment. The metallodielectric, core-shell structure of nanoshells ...
    • Methods for producing submicron metal line and island arrays 

      Moran, Cristin Erin; Radloff, Corey J.; Halas, Nancy J. (2005-04-05)
      This process results in directed electroless plating of the metal to form discrete metal structures over the entire surface. Because the surface is pre-patterned with passivated regions inert to metal deposition, the metal ...
    • Multi-layer nanoshells comprising a metallic or conducting shell 

      Halas, Nancy J.; Radloff, Corey J. (2006-12-05)
      Composite particles containing metallic shell layers are provided. The particles may include a coating layer, such as of a protective or electrically non-conducting material, over an outermost metallic shell layer. The ...