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  • Metabolic regulation of collagen gel contraction by porcine aortic valvular interstitial cells 

    Kamel, Peter I.; Qu, Xin; Geiszler, Andrew M.; Nagrath, Deepak; Harmancey, Romain; Taegtmeyer, Heinrich; Grande-Allen, K. Jane (2014)
    Despite a high incidence of calcific aortic valve disease in metabolic syndrome, there is little information about the fundamental metabolism of heart valves. Cell metabolism is a first responder to chemical and mechanical ...
  • Metabolic shifts toward glutamine regulate tumor growth, invasion and bioenergetics in ovarian cancer 

    Yang, Lifeng; Moss, Tyler; Mangala, Lingegowda S.; Marini, Juan; Zhao, Hongyun; Wahlig, Stephen; Armaiz-Pena, Guillermo; Jiang, Dahai; Achreja, Abhinav; Win, Julia; Roopaimoole, Rajesha; Rodriguez-Aguayo, Cristian; Mercado-Uribe, Imelda; Lopez-Berestein, Gabriel; Liu, Jinsong; Tsukamoto, Takashi; Sood, Anil K.; Ram, Prahlad T.; Nagrath, Deepak (2014)
    Glutamine can play a critical role in cellular growth in multiple cancers. Glutamine‐addicted cancer cells are dependent on glutamine for viability, and their metabolism is reprogrammed for glutamine utilization through ...
  • Modeling Integrated Cellular Machinery Using Hybrid Petri-Boolean Networks 

    Berestovsky, Natalie; Zhou, Wanding; Nagrath, Deepak; Nakhleh, Luay (2013-11-07)
    The behavior and phenotypic changes of cells are governed by a cellular circuitry that represents a set of biochemical reactions. Based on biological functions, this circuitry is divided into three types of networks, each ...