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    • Development and characterization of a nanofiber-reinforced thermoplastic composite 

      Lozano, Karen (1999)
      Polypropylene composites with vapor-grown carbon nanofibers (VGCF's) as reinforcement were prepared. The fibers used have an rage diameter of 200 nm with interesting thermal, electrical and mechanical properties which make ...
    • Oriented nanofibers embedded in a polymer matrix 

      Barrera, Enrique V.; Rodriguez-Macias, Fernando J.; Lozano, Karen; Chibante, Luis Paulo Felipe; Stewart, David Harris (2011-03-01)
      A method of forming a composite of embedded nanofibers in a polymer matrix is disclosed. The method includes incorporating nanofibers in a plastic matrix forming agglomerates, and uniformly distributing the nanofibers by ...
    • Solubility and rheological examination of buckminsterfullerene in decalin and PSVS 

      Lozano, Karen (1996)
      The structure-property relationships of C$\sb{60}$ dissolved in decahydronaphtalene (decalin) and a petroleum solvent viscous standard (PSVS) were studied. This work was motivated mainly by the interest to improve fullerene ...