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  • Ghamousahs 

    Lekegian, G. (1906)
    A man and a boy leading two ghamousahs (cows).
  • The Khedive's Stud-Farm 

    Wide view of a horse farm surrounded by trees.
  • Levelling Land With Bullocks 

    Bulls levelling soil with carts in the background.
  • Pigeon Houses 

    Several buildings that house messenger pigeons.
  • Pigeon Houses 

    Gardiner, David (1906)
    View from across the river of the pigeon houses, and a stand of palm trees.
  • Team of Camel and Bullock 

    Dittrich, P. (1906)
    A camel and a bull pull a tilling machine on which a white-robed man sits.