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    • Intensity Dependence of Photoassociation in a Quantum Degenerate Atomic Gas 

      Prodan, Ionut D.; Pichler, Marin; Junker, Mark; Hulet, Randall G.; Bohn, John L. (2003)
      We have measured the intensity dependent rate and frequency shift of a photoassociation transition in a quantum degenerate gas of Li7. The rate increases linearly with photoassociation laser intensity for low intensities, ...
    • Photoassociation in a quantum degenerate gas of lithium-7 

      Junker, Mark (2005)
      An experiment studying the effects of photoassociation in a quantum degenerate gas of 7Li bosons has been performed in a permanent magnet trap. A saturation in the one-photon photoassociation rate and a shift in the resonance ...