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  • Efficient Complex Matrix Transformations with CORDIC 

    Hemkumar, Nariankadu D.; Cavallaro, Joseph R. (1993-06-20)
    Transformations of real and arbitrary 2 x 2 matrices are employed in parallel algorithms based on Jacobi-like precedures for matrix factorizations like the eigenvalue and the singular value decompositions. Cast in the ...
  • Jacobi-like Matrix Factorizations with CORDIC-based Inexact Diagonalizations 

    Hemkumar, Nariankadu D.; Cavallaro, Joseph R. (1994-06-20)
    We propose a CORDIC-based Jacobi-like method for parallel computation of the eigenvalues of Hermitian (and real symmetric) matrices and the SVD of real matrices using inexact diagonalizations. It is predicted on the fact ...