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    • Defragmenting the Cloud Using Demand-based Resource Allocation 

      Gulati, Ajay; Varman, Peter J. (2013-06)
      Current public cloud offerings sell capacity in the form of pre-defined virtual machine (VM) configurations to their tenants. Typically this means that tenants must purchase individual VM configurations based on the peak ...
    • Performance virtualization and QoS in shared storage systems 

      Gulati, Ajay (2008)
      To handle the growing demands of data intensive applications, storage consolidation is becoming an attractive organizational paradigm. The benefits of consolidation include universal data access, sharing among users, ...
    • Scheduling with QoS in parallel I/O systems 

      Gulati, Ajay (2005)
      Parallel I/O architectures have become attractive in the context of high performance computing and services provided by high bandwidth data centers. It is challenging to provide a scheduling technique that maximizes ...