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    • A Framework for Understanding Whole-Earth Carbon Cycling 

      Lee, Cin-Ty A.; Jiang, Hehe; Dasgupta, Rajdeep; Torres, Mark; Orcutt, Beth N.; (2019)
      Building from the base of knowledge presented in the preceding chapters, this chapter explores how the cycling of carbon in subduction zones and orogenic belts varies with supercontinent cycles and mountain building. It discusses the processes that link short-term and long-term carbon cycling and the timescales of these processes, such as the response ...
    • Affect 

      Schneider-Mayerson, Matthew; Szeman, Imre; Wenzel, Jennifer; Yaeger, Patricia; Fordham University Press (2015)
    • Application-Specific Accelerators for Communications 

      Sun, Yang; Amiri, Kiarash; Brogioli, Michael; Cavallaro, Joseph R.; Center for Multimedia Communication (2010-01-01)
      For computation-intensive digital signal processing algorithms, complexity is exceeding the processing capabilities of general-purpose digital signal processors (DSPs). In some of these applications, DSP hardware accelerators have been widely used to off-load a variety of algorithms from the main DSP host, including FFT, FIR/IIR filters, multiple-input ...
    • Chapter 3: Status, trends and future dynamics of biodiversity and ecosystems underpinning nature's contributions to people. 

      Cormier-Salem, Marie-Christine; Dunham, Amy E.; Gordon, Christopher; Belhabib, Dyhia; Bennas, Nard; (2018)
    • Communication Processors 

      Rajagopal, Sridhar; Cavallaro, Joseph R. (2005-07-01)
      Communication processors are processors with specific optimizations to support communication sys-tems. Communication processors exist in a wide variety of forms and can be categorized based on the communication system, such as wired or wireless and based on the layer in the communication system, such as the physical layer, the medium access control ...
    • Complicated Desires: Yto Barrada 

      Hooper, Rachel; Walker Art Center (2007-10-04)
      Artist entry on Yto Barrada in "Brave New Worlds" catalogue
    • Configurable and Scalable Turbo Decoder for 4G Wireless Receivers 

      Sun, Yang; Cavallaro, Joseph R.; Zhu, Yuming; Manish, Goel; Center for Multimedia Communication (2010-01-01)
      The increasing requirements of high data rates and quality of service (QoS) in fourth-generation (4G) wireless communication require the implementation of practical capacity approaching codes. In this chapter, the application of Turbo coding schemes that have recently been adopted in the IEEE 802.16e WiMax standard and 3GPP Long Term Evolution (LTE) ...
    • COOPERATIVE COMMUNICATIONS: Fundamental Limits and Practical Implementation 

      Chakrabarti, Arnab; Sabharwal, Ashutosh; Aazhang, Behnaam (2006-01-01)
      This chapter summarizes theoretically achievable gains and the construction of practical codes for user-cooperation. Most of these results relate to the relay channel, which is a three-terminal channel that captures the essence of usercooperation and serves as one of the primary building blocks for cooperation on a larger scale. In investigating ...
    • A CORDIC Processor Array for the SVD of a Complex Matrix 

      Cavallaro, Joseph R.; Elster, Anne C. (1991)
      Matrix factorizations are important in many real-time signal processing applications. In order to improve the performance of these algorithms, special-purpose VLSI processor arrays are being developed. Recently, the Coordinate Rotation Digital Computer (CORDIC) algorithms have been applied to the QR Decomposition (QRD) and the Singular Value Decomposition ...
    • The Dizzident: Lia Perjovschi 

      Hooper, Rachel; Walker Art Center (2007-10-04)
      Artist entry on Lia Perjovschi in "Brave New Worlds" catalogue
    • The Fermi Gases and Superfluids: Experiment and Theory 

      Levin, Kathryn; Hulet, R.G.; Levin, Kathryn; Fetter, Alexander L.; Stamper-Kurn, Dan M. (2012)
      The study of ultracold atomic Fermi gases is a rapidly exploding subject, which is defining new directions in condensed matter and atomic physics. Quite generally what makes these gases so important is their remarkable tunability and controllability. Using a Feshbach resonance, one can tune the attractive two-body interactions from weak to strong and ...
    • FPGA in Wireless Communications Applications 

      Amiri, Kiarash; Duarte, Melissa; Cavallaro, Joseph R.; Dick, Chris; Rao, Raghu; (2012-07-12)
      In the past decade we have witnessed explosive growth in the wireless communications industry with over 4 billion subscribers worldwide. While first and second generation systems focused on voice communications, third generation networks (3GPP and 3GPP2) embraced code division multiple access (CDMA) and had a strong focus on enabling wireless data ...
    • Gender and Colonial Politics after the Versailles Treaty 

      Wildenthal, Lora; Canning, Kathleen; Barndt, Kerstin; McGuire, Kristin (2010)
    • The Gospel of Judas: A Parody of Apostolic Christianity 

      DeConick, April D.; Foster, Paul (2008)
    • The Gospel of Thomas 

      DeConick, April D.; Foster, Paul (2008)
    • High-Level Design Tools for Complex DSP Applications 

      Sun, Yang; Amiri, Kiarash; Wang, Guohui; Yin, Bei; Cavallaro, Joseph R.; (2012-07-12)
      High-level synthesis design methodology - High level synthesis (HLS) [1], also known as behavioral synthesis and algorithmic synthesis, is a design process in which a high level, functional description of a design is automatically compiled into a RTL implementation that meets certain user specified design constraints. The HLS design description is ...
    • Imprints of Conflict: Yael Bartana 

      Hooper, Rachel; Walker Art Center (2007-10-04)
      Artist entry on Yael Bartana for "Brave New Worlds" catalogue
    • Induction and Intuition, on the Center for Land Use Interpretation's Metholology 

      Since 1994, The Center for Land Use Interpretation (CLUI)--a research organization based in Culver City, California--has studied the U.S. landscape, using multidisciplinary research, information processing and interpretive tools to stimulate thought and discussion around contemporary land-use issues. During a residency at the University of Houston ...