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    • Quasi-One-Dimensional Ultracold Fermi Gases 

      Revelle, Melissa C (2016-08-12)
      Ultracold atoms have become an essential tool in studying condensed matter phenomena. The advantage of atomic physics experiments is that they provide an easily tunable system. This experiment uses the lowest two ground ...
    • Rydberg Molecules and Polarons in Ultracold Strontium Gases 

      Camargo, Francisco (2017-08-07)
      In this work I describe the excitation spectra of Rydberg atoms in ultracold gases of strontium and their decay mechanisms. In a few-body regime, we observe a highly structured spectrum re ecting excitation of ultralong-range ...
    • Spectroscopy of ⁸⁷Sr Rydberg Atoms and Molecules 

      Ding, Roger (2019-09-16)
      Spectroscopy of ⁸⁷Sr Rydberg Atoms and Molecules This dissertation describes the development of an apparatus to undertake spectroscopic studies of ⁸⁷Sr Rydberg states and their application in the production of ...