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    • Travel Literature and History 

      Seglie, AnaMaria; Adams, Carolyn; Sager, Robin; Ledoux, Cory (2011)
      This collection provides modules on different forms of travel. It includes lessons on transported labor and slavery, travel journals, travel fiction, migration, and U.S. imperialism in hemispheric and transatlantic travel. Literature teachers could use this course or individual modules within it to help teach literary genres such as the slave narrative ...
    • Yellow Fever: Medicine in the Western Hemisphere 

      Seglie, AnaMaria; Adams, Carolyn; Gauthereau-Bryson, Lorena; Sager, Robin; Villarreal, Lorena; (2011)
      This course provides a series of modules that discuss yellow fever, disease, the building of the Panama Canal, and health care in the U.S. South and throughout the hemisphere. History teachers could include this course or individual modules from this selection in sections covering the development of the West in the late nineteenth century, urban ...