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    • High-Performance Hybrid Bismuth–Carbon Nanotube Based Contrast Agent for X-ray CT Imaging 

      Hernández-Rivera, Mayra; Kumar, Ish; Cho, Stephen Y.; Cheong, Benjamin Y.; Pulikkathara, Merlyn X.; Moghaddam, Sakineh E.; Whitmire, Kenton H.; Wilson, Lon J. (2017)
      Carbon nanotubes (CNTs) have been used for a plethora of biomedical applications, including their use as delivery vehicles for drugs, imaging agents, proteins, DNA, and other materials. Here, we describe the synthesis and ...
    • Toward carbon nanotube-based imaging agents for the clinic 

      Hernández-Rivera, Mayra; Zaibaq, Nicholas G.; Wilson, Lon J. (2016)
      Among the many applications for carbon nanotubes (CNTs), their use in medicine has drawn special attention due to their potential for a variety of therapeutic and diagnostic applications. As progress toward clinical ...