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    • Coherent J/ψ photoproduction in ultra-peripheral PbPb collisions at sNN=2.76TeV with the CMS experiment 

      CMS Collaboration; Adair, A.; Akgun, B.; Chen, Z.; Ecklund, K.M.; Geurts, F.J.M.; Guilbaud, M.; Li, W.; Michlin, B.; Northup, M.; Padley, B.P.; Redjimi, R.; Roberts, J.; Rorie, J.; Tu, Z.; Zabel, J. (2017)
      The cross section for coherent J/ψ photoproduction accompanied by at least one neutron on one side of the interaction point and no neutron activity on the other side, Xn0n, is measured with the CMS experiment in ultra-peripheral ...