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    • Cleopatra's Needle 

      Werner, Carl (1878)
      An obelisk-shaped monument at the edge of the water.
    • Obelisk In Cairo 

      Grahame, George; Evans, Miss (1879)
      Drawing of an old man standing next to an obelisk in Cairo.
    • The Obelisk now in Central Park, New York, as it stood in Alexandria, Egypt. 

      A photograph of the original location of the Obelisk that now stands in New York. It shows the broken down building in the foreground with men looking towards the viewer; behind it stands the obelisk and in the background ...
    • Obelisk of Usurtasen I. at Heliopolis. 

      A scenic drawing of an Obelisk with a caravan in the foreground and a few building in the near background. The pyramids are slightly visible in the deep background.