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    • Effects of cellular parameters on the in vitro osteogenic potential of dual-gelling mesenchymal stem cell-laden hydrogels 

      Vo, Tiffany N.; Tabata, Yasuhiko; Mikos, Antonios G. (2016)
      This work investigated the effects of cellular encapsulation density and differentiation stage on the osteogenic capacity of injectable, dual physically and chemically gelling hydrogels comprised of thermogelling macromers and polyamidoamine crosslinkers. Undifferentiated and osteogenically predifferentiated mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) were ...
    • Injectable dual-gelling cell-laden composite hydrogels for bone tissue engineering 

      Vo, T.N.; Shah, S.R.; Lu, S.; Tatara, A.M.; Lee, E.J.; (2016)
      The present work investigated the osteogenic potential of injectable, dual thermally and chemically gelable composite hydrogels for mesenchymal stem cell (MSC) delivery in vitro and in vivo. Composite hydrogels comprising copolymer macromers of N-isopropylacrylamide were fabricated through the incorporation of gelatin microparticles (GMPs) as ...
    • Poly(NIPAAm-co-AAm)-gold nanoshell composites for optically-triggered cancer therapeutic delivery 

      Strong, Laura (2013-07-24)
      Chemotherapy regimens, one of the most common cancer treatments, are often dictated by dose-limiting toxicities. Also, the largest hurdle for translating novel biological therapies such as siRNA into the clinic is lack of an efficient delivery mechanism to get the therapeutic into malignant cells. Both of these situations would benefit from a ...